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Shaken Not Stirred-Christchurch 2018 Update #1

22nd Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival hadn’t even started and Antediluvians RFC have managed to find a fellow Clansmen! Edmonton Clansmen Rugby Football Club Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn our host bar in Christchurch. Arnie Gaudin,Steve Pomeroy ( ex Clansman), Andrew MacKechnie, and Tom Shacklady. Antediluvians on Tour....there is no pub we can’t take over!

Antediluvians at the Crusaders Sunwolves game. Good time had by all. Thanks Arnie Gaudin for seats UNDER cover!

Game Day #1

Looks like the Antediluvians RFC have found the marquee!!!! 7 tries to 3 tries against the Old Tasmanian Devils Tour to Christchurch, New Zealand 2018 , but in true Golden Oldies format...a tie was recorded! The fun is ramping up. Ryan Thomas scored first try in New Zealand. Those of us at home, still await picture evidence of said try!

Stay tuned as more pictures and reports come flooding in.....

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