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Red Deer Titans-Octoberfest 2017

Red Deer Titans Octoberfest 2016 (only pic Hope has, so please fell free to send me some and I'll update the blog)

The gang from the the North came to play , we ended up playing sideways 10's, 4 ten minute quarters. Lonnie Amundson long time Ante D from red deer was the scrum half and a cast of familiar faces from the north came to play . We had 5 man scrums ...Steve Smith rookie this year enjoyed playing Hooker, with a few lessons along the way. Richard and myself 1 and 3 with Quinny and Marc F playing lock. Todd Muir from Drayton played 10, Godwin and Paul (Hokey) and MiC Graham filled in the other positions. We came out fast, up 5 tries by the end of the first. Up by 7 at the half. The South came back hard in the 3rd with some good runs from Rob and Stamps and Jamie. In the 4th south kept up the pace, We became 11 aside Aaron Sewards , Red Deer organizer joined the north. But it was with some strong defense. Once again using my face to tackle, we held them off.

I was told it was a 10 to 4 final ...... but we know that it was about friendship,camaraderie and the love of the game. was the real outcome.

Our Hosts provided us not only with sunshine and no wind , But a fine meal after the game. The group sat in the sun on the deck and spread the true meaning of Old Boys Rugby.............. a big thanks to the RED DEER TITANS and Scotty T and the COBRAS.


Scott Van D

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