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Golden Oldies Christchurch 2018 Tour Kit

Golden Oldies Christchurch 2018 Tour Kit

Players Tour Kit includes: Playing Jersey, Warm Up Pants, Hoodie, T-Shirt & Ball Cap

Supporter Tour Kit includes: Hoodie, T-Shirt & Ball Cap

Tour "kits" are reserved for those members who will be attending the Golden Oldies Christchurch 2018 tour. These are included in the fees already assessed for the tour.

***Store is open to all Antediluvians to purchase various tour themed items. A password will be required to enter the online store and has been emailed to the general Antediluvian email list.

If you need additional swag, individual products have been added to the store at the prices noted. Orders must be received by October 28, 2017. Payment arrangements will be emailed once all orders have been placed.

Click here for link to tour update and listing of tour items available for sale

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