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Kelowna September 9th for the Priest Valley Vicars Old Boys Rugby Tourney with the Calgary Cobras RF

I was the only Ante who made the trip to Kelowna. Fields and weather were perfect. We had four 26 minute games. The first game was against the hosts, we got beat rather bad; a whole bunch of tries to none. Second game was much better along with the third and fourth game. We did not win any of them, the second game I think it was we lost 4-3 with one of our tries called back (which it should not have been) so it was a tie in our books. We had 12 or 13 players out for our side. It was a great time on and off the field.

Editor’s Note: Ken (Fuji) Fujioka , our International Antediluvian Tour player, was out for the day in Kelowna, his new home town.

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