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Leprechaun Tiger Rugby Football Club Day & Old Boys Game-Saturday July 29, 2017

Old Boys L/T vs Antediluvians

Date: Saturday July 29

Location: L/T club House 3004 -92 st

Kick off time Time 2pm

This is our club day so there are a lot of games going on that day. The games that we have are:

EW2 L/T vs Clanswomen at 12:00

E2 L/T vs Norwesters at 12:00

AWP L/T vs Clanswomen at 2pm

Old Boys L/T vs Anti D at 2pm

Feature match AC L/T vs Cancuks at 4pm

We hope that you guys will stay around to watch the feature game and have some food and refreshments.

Note: The change rooms are going to be busy. We will be able to change before our game, but will need to take our gear out to the field and than bring it back in after the game.

Please pass this along to all Anti 'D and looking forward to a great game.

Scott Van Dusen will be the Antediluvian Team manager, so please contact him to confirm you'll be able to fill the Antediluvian RFC Squad.

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