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49th Edition of Edmonton Rugby Fest

The 49th edition of the Edmonton Rugbyfest on May 20th was a great success. Rugbyfest, the brainchild/peace & love child, of Davie Graham and Lynn Davies in 1967, is alive and doing very well, thank you very much! The Antediluvians RFC helped organize and played in the Edmonton Rugbyfest Old Boys Division. The perfect early summer weather with blue skies set the stage for this annual gathering of rugby teams from across Western Canada. The old boys had 45 players out for the warm up touch game and the contact game. There must have been 50 plus spectators gracing the sideline, including Scotty Wright our long time Rugbyfest Organizing Committee Rep. The Antediluvians, Nor’Westers, Calgary Cobras (Scott T, Adam Stamper, Andy, and Steve) , Winnipeg Wasps (Soul Train, a new recruit, thanks to Kevin Hancock, was a walk on), Cold Lake Penguins, and any other old boy player who showed up on the day, provided the players of the day. The touch game was , well touching , and highlighted the Antediluvians expertise of the game. The contact game was the Antediluvians vs every one else, including Scotty Vandusen , who in a moment of weakness volunteered to play for the Dark Side.

The game was well played by both sides, and the virgin referee, Hafa, who was referring his first game ever. Good thing he had 30 other referees on the field to help him. Joking, he did an excellent job of letting the boys play some good clean Golden Oldies 15 a side rugby. As is the tradition, the game officially ended in a 4-4 tie. Dave Roach did a great job as the Antediluvians Team Manager for the Day, organizing the lads and playing a good game himself. Scott Thibeault did a good job of playing scrum half, as did Earl Foster out on the wing ,both wearing the Nor’Westers jerseys and red shorts. Ryan Thomas provided good grit, ball handling and leadership for the Antediluvians also playing in the classic red shorts (can be held but not tackled as the player is over 60, or has a physical condition that the player shouldn’t be tackled) . Paul, Hoagie, had a great game on the wing for the Antes, as did Woodie, Eugene, Malcolm, Dean, Godwin,etc., and a number of the other lads. The final whistle blows , and the boys all shake hands, the lovely ladies and kids take the official game photo of all the old boys under the posts, and we head for the showers.

The beer gardens both inside and outside of the Ellerslie clubhouse are classic. It was great to catch up with old and new friends on the day. To be continued next year for the 50th Anniversary of the Edmonton Rugbyfest.

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