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Christchurch Golden Oldies Tour April 22nd - 29th/2018 - Update #4

Tour Participants & Friends

Attached for your reading pleasure is the "Shaken but Not Stirred" Tour update #4. Click here for link.

The Great news is that we now have 36 individuals committed for the full Golden Oldies Package which includes your Hotel accommodation. I will continue to take booking requests that include hotel rooms until May 31st, 2017. Hotel rooms in the prime areas of Christchurch are now getting hard to get, so we don't want to be disappointed by leaving it too late. After May 31st, you are welcome to join us if you can arrange your own accommodations in Christchurch. We already have a couple of players who plan to take the non-hotel option and simply register to join the Antediluvians for the Golden Oldies Events and games. We encourage everyone planning to this non-hotel option to formalize their commitments/payments no later than August 30, 2017. Any commitments after that time will mean that you may miss out on receiving an award winning/highly desired Antediluvian tour kit.

All 4 tour newsletters are posted on the Antediluvian RFC website & contain the essential information needed to finalize your travel plans & commitments. Read the content and get moving if you are still on the fence as there are less than 12 months until the opening parade on April 22nd, 2018.



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