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Vancouver March Tour

It was a grey Vancouver day, the ground was heavy, but the rain was holding off and spirits were high. The Antediluvians, bolstered by a new, and highly competitive contingent from Grande Prairie, were back in action. Although our numbers were lower than forecast, we delivered the local Legends a solid thumping in our first game. After a break for an excellent feed put on by our hosts, we took the field again. This time we combined with the Legends to face our perennial foes, the Calgary Cobras. Despite heroic efforts from Hywel Williams and Dave Logan, we narrowly missed a second victory. Although 8 teams were expected for the tournament, there were only sufficient numbers for 4. It started raining towards the end of the second game, so the overwhelming consensus was to forgo the third game and retire to the clubhouse to discuss strategy for the next outing. Many thanks to the Meralomas for hosting a great day. Hopefully next year will see a similar event but with higher numbers. Our newly minted Old Boys from GP would like to be kept apprised of further endeavors, which is in itself, a significant victory for the Antediluvians.

Cheers, Mick

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