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3rd Annual Davie Graham Cup

The curtain officially dropped on the Antediluvians RFC 2015 outdoor season on October 3rd at the annual Davie Graham Cup, which features the Antediluvians RFC and any old boy rugby player from Red Deer North vs. the Calgary Cobras and any old boy rugby player South of Red Deer for the Alberta Old Boys Provincial Rugby Championship. This game is held at the same time and place as the rest of the Alberta Club Provincial Rugby Championship games, with the men’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd division games. This has turned into a classic annual event. Officially , as Antediluvian old boy games finish, the game ended in a tie. Davie Graham himself was in attendance and fine form and presented the Old Boys Cup to the visiting Calgary Cobras. It currently is now in the Calgary Old Boys Hall of Fame ie. Eli McQuaid’s basement until next year when it returns up the highway to Edmonton. The game day was terrific with over 50 old boys strapping on the boots for the game. It was a well played game by both sides, with a friendly reminder to participants for future games that this is old boys and not the Rugby World Cup.

Here is a game review by Scotty Thiebeault from the Calgary Cobras RFC:

"Edmonton was a fantastic time. Big thanks to Sean from Red deer for putting on a Cobras jerseys - he played well and fit right was very quick and both sides came prepared to play. The tone was a little more brisk for old boys, and I think those I chatted with after felt both sides rose to the occasion. The Davie Graham Cup otherwise known as "the hardware" is safely tucked away in Calgary until next year...when they will come down to collect it. Eli has it now and said he will host a "viewing" party real soon....As always, the Antediluvians crew up there graciously hosted us with some food and cold beverages afterwards and it was awesome.

The excitement in the clubhouse was 10/10 as the England and Australia Rugby World Cup game was posted on two of four walls. Huge thank you again to the Edmonton team, they are becoming our friends more and more with every game we play them. I am in discussion to get a more often meeting in Red Deer next year so we can all enjoy full 15's a little more. We also chatted about mayb​e dividing teams based on skill and ability, so the teams are nicely balanced. Of course we will always have our big Calgary vs. Edmonton games seasonally as well."

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