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Spirit of Tournament

Most of the folks are still touring parts of Argentina with limbs generally intact. Only one injury ... Off field of course.

Antediluvians won the Spirit of Tournament award for both on & off field endeavors.

Based on group feedback we have registered the Antediluvians for Cardiff 2016 with many outsiders wishing to become Canadians for a week. Forgot to mention , Gerrie Germishuys (Eric’s recruit from South Africa) made guest appearances in all 3 games and was voted Oldies Ambassador for suiting up with most teams. He lost his luggage in route to Mar Del Plata so he will be remaking your jersey plus he will be sending one over for me as trade for his Antediluvian tour kit that I gave him. Tom Inch provided solid leadership on and off the field and was named team captain for final two games. See you soon & all the best on Saturday !

Cheers Arnie

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