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Nor’Westers RFC 40th Anniversary

The Nor’Westers RFC 40th anniversary social night and old boys rugby game and the rest of their events was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the action on and off the field! Here is a report on the milestone event from Earl Foster:

On Saturday, September 13th, the Antediluvians showed their prowess in a couple of friendly games against the Nor’Westers. The Nor’Westers showed up in full force with enough players to cause a change in the earth’s gravitational field. It looked like a tidal wave of maroon and yellow. In the first game, the Antediluvians helped shore up the ranks the Calgary Cobras. The Cobras were thankful for this because of the influx of talented, fit, and astounding players. In the second game the Cobras returned the favour. Both games were entertaining as well as fun to watch and play.

With substitutions happening at a furious pace, it was amazing to see that there were rarely more than 30 players on the field. This was especially amazing considering few of the players could count their own legs.

The referee was aided by 30 other “unofficial officials”, all of whom freely offered their interpretation of the laws. Remember the motto of these selfless people, “We are never in doubt, but often wrong.”

The scores for the games were not recorded because “Time!” was called before the games actually ended, allowing all sides to claim victory.

It was a good day of rugby. The weather was perfect. The players showed that age, injuries, nor dementia are not hindrances to playing well. The Nor’Westers were great hosts, and there were ample quantities of the magic elixir that unites all rugby players around the world.

Here's a cartoon that may be appropriate for us:



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